This blog is mostly dedicated for myself and I use it to keep track of my car’s odometer and other important information about the car. For example, it’s great to have a history of repairs, bought equipment, average fuel consumption and just for the fun of it,  history of gas prices throughout the years.

Car: Toyota Avensis
Year of production: 2014
Engine power: 108kW (144HP)
Front-wheel drive
Fuel type: Gasoline
Body: Sedan
Transmission: Automatic

In February I drove a total of 1405 km. Odometer went from 93665 to 95070.

Even though February was short, I still managed to drive a lot and the average distance per day was 52.037 km.

The graphic below shows the average refilling prices. As you can see the price has been steadily rising.

Estonia is notorious for high fuel prices and the prices are changing constantly. Sometimes even every hour. It’s made people quite furious and many of us, atleast the people who live near Latvian border, go to Latvia daily, because the prices are significantly lower + the cheaper liquor, building materials etc etc. It all adds up a pretty big chunk of money.

More detailed overview of the refills in January and February.