Car blog – May 2019 update

This blog is mostly dedicated for myself and I use it to keep track of my car’s odometer and other important information about the car. For example, it’s great to have a history of repairs, bought equipment, average fuel consumption and just for the fun of it,  history of gas prices throughout the years.

Car: Toyota Avensis
Year of production: 2014
Engine power: 108kW (144HP), Front-wheel drive
Fuel type: Gasoline
Body: Sedan
Transmission: Automatic

In May I drove a total of 2247 km. Odometer went from 99394 to 101641.

new update, Car blog, may 2019 odometer update, toyota avensis

February vs March vs April vs May average KM per day comparison:

Car blog, average KM per day may 2019, toyota avensis

The next graphic below shows the average refilling prices. Just take a look at the average fuel prices … At the beginning of the year it was a “normal” 1.19€ per litre and now it has risen to 1.38€.

I do not understand the logic behind the rise of gas prices. Could somebody please explain it to me?

Car blog, average litre price of fuel in may

Estonia is notorious for high fuel prices and the prices are changing constantly. Sometimes even every hour. It’s made people quite furious and many of us, atleast the people who live near Latvian border, go to Latvia daily, because the prices are significantly lower + the cheaper liquor, building materials etc etc. It all adds up a pretty big chunk of money.

To get cheaper fuel, I use regular bonus programs. For example, you can tie your regular shopping customer card with certain gas companies. And I got a lot of them, for my luck. I can not remember the last time I didn’t get any discounts on tanking fuel. Paying full price on something already so overpriced seems absurd.

Average discount is about 0.025 euros per litre, depends on the campaign. It’s something …

More detailed overview of the refills in May. Total of 278,95 euros spent on fuel, got 207,91 litres for all of that money.

car blog may 2019, refill times, toyota avensis

That’s it!

How much money did you spend on fuel in May? Do you have any suggestions for me on how to spend less money on fuel?

Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the blog with me and other blog readers.

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