Crossing another billion, Mintos swelled like yeast in the summer heat

mintos reached 3 billion

The rise of Latvia’s P2P lending marketplace Mintos shows no signs of slowing down when the three billion euro limit was freshly exceeded in brokered loan volumes. The platform also made it clear that July’s weather did not inhibit their growth, on the contrary, it was the most successful month in several categories of Mintos in all time.

It took Mintos 4 years of active entrepreneurship to reach the first BILLION, which was reached in August 2018. By then, however, the snowball had begun to roll so powerfully that the second billion filled up eight months after that. The third billion took another half less, about four months.

According to Mintos, these “billions” of milestones are a confirmation that they are moving in the right direction and that there is still room for growth. A full-length blog post on these topics can be read on the Mintos website.

In July, Mintos investors financed loans worth of 266.6 million euros, compared to 237.4 million euros in June. In July, 12,040 new investors joined, bringing the total to 164,995. In May and June, investor growth was just under 10,000.

The average interest rate for July was 13.75% and the interest was paid to investors in total 4.17 million euros. Over the entire period of operation, this number grossed the 50 million euro mark – 53.03 million.

This article was translated from Estonian to English.
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