Great news for all DoFinance investors!

As the active investment season is here, DoFinance has a special offer to investors – starting from today (24.09.2019) until 01.11.2019 all new investments (with a minimum term of 6 months) will get a 1,5% cashback bonus! This means that now with DoFinance it is possible to earn up to 13,5% annually!

This offer will be valid for all programs, except the 4% and 5% auto-invest programs. All you have to do is make a new investment and the bonus will be added straight to your investors account (this bonus works only with new funds added to your investors account).

If there are any problems or if you have some questions or concerns – let DoFinance know in the chat section or send an e-mail to, they are happy to help!

Click here to register and earn a 1.5% cashback –

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