FitchRatings rated Mogo B-. Is it good or bad for Mintos investors?

Mogo, who has been one of the longest loan originators in the Latvian P2P marketplace Mintos, received B – rating from FitchRatings.
FitchRatings is an international rating agency. The received rating could further increase the confidence of investors, who invest in Mogo loans.

mogo loan originator info at mintos
Loan Originator Mogo info at Mintos

‘We’re very pleased with the results of the rating process. Rating B – reflects Mogo Finances high potential and offers investors a firm view of our actions and financial stability. This will help us to better access capital markets in the future to expand our businesses,” said Modestas Sudnius, CEO of Mogo Finance, via a press release.

What’s Fitch Ratings?

Fitch is one of three of the world’s leading rating agencies, the other two are Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s (S&P’s). Take a closer look at Fitch Ratings Wikipedia page.

Although B- rating looks low at first glance, given Mogo’s field of work and all the other risk factors, it is noteworthy to even get a rating. It is primarily because of increased transparency.

On the one hand, investors who invest through Mintos into Mogo loans may feel more confident, in the other hand, a diminishing risk should also mean Mogo’s opportunity to involve capital cheaper. However, this means buying back high interest loans from Mintos and releasing them back to the market at a lower interest level.

One of the biggest loan buybacks in Mintos history took place in the second half of last year, and the other one took place at the end of this summer.

For example: My account balance at the end of August 2019.
Mogo bought back close to ~954 euros worth of my loans, which was ~16% of total portfolio. Unfortunately the last year’s cashdrag was even worse, maxing out at ~1075€.

cashdrag in mintos

Nonetheless it is certain that Mogo is step-by-step moving towards stability and thus towards cheaper capital, and for Mintos investors, it means a reduced risk with lower returns.


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  1. Mogo seems to be a profitable and well-run company, and it’s ranked among the most secure on Mintos, the fact that Fitch has rated them B- is reassuring to me. I think it’s also one of the oldest of the loan originators on Mintos, if you check their business model it’s pretty good as they only finance used cars which don’t depreciate much (relative to new cars anyways)…thanks for your post, I found it useful!

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