Mintos Loan Originators risk rating update

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To make your investments on Mintos as stable and secure as possible, Mintos is constantly monitoring changes in loan originators’ operations, financials, protfolio performance and regulatory environments. That means Mintos will update their risk ratings from time to time to make sure they are transparent and relevant.

Mintos will update the risk ratings for the following loan originators:

  • Agrocredit – upgrade from B+ to A-
  • Cashwagon – upgrade from C+ to B-
  • Credilikeme – upgrade from C to C+
  • Credius (Romania) – upgrade from B to B
  • Dinero – upgrade from C+ to B-
  • ID Finance (Spain) – upgrade from B- to B
  • Metrokredit – upgrade from C+ to B-
  • Varks – upgrade from B to B+

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Please note that existing Auto Invest strategies will not automatically adjust after the risk rating upgrades. 

If you want to start or stop investing in these loans, you need to adjust your Auto Invest settings manually.


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