Portfolio update December 2018


I’ll start the update off with saying dear winter, please be polite against my investments!
So far my crowdlending strategy has gone well, it’s been close to 2 years since I first started investing in P2P loans.

Enough of words, let’s talk in numbers!

Private account interests received:

Private accountInfoIncomeInvestedValue
Omaraha4,65€ (+34,39%)200,00€278,01€
Bondora0€348,49€Exited with a loss of 65,57€
Twino.eu1,01€ (+7,45%)100,00€126,84€
Estateguru0€ (0%)100,00€111,82€
Loss from selling defaults0€
Total interests from private accounts5,66€748,49€516,67€

Company interests received:

Company investing portfolio has been running on full throttle for the whole time and you can see it in the numbers.

Companies accountsInfoIncomeInvestedValue
Omaraha83,37€ (-2,58%)4500€4520,49€ (withdrawn 939,50€ of profit)
Twino #1M7,44€ (-14,78%)1000€728,32€ (withdrawn 365,55€ of profit)
Twino #2L9,03€ (-3,53%)1000€1155,30€
Estateguru7,57€ (+157,48%)1000€1037,21€
Mintos50,81€ (-8,76%)5000€5575,38€
B2P loans37,2€ (+7,51%)5550€5847,6€
Property #116,05€1900€2397,55€
Property #2.115,22€2000€2304,4€
Property #2.212,18€1600€1843,6
Loss from selling defaults-3,94€
Total interests from companies accounts 236,76€ (+0,08%)23 550€25 409,85€

Total amount of interests received 242,42€! (-1,19%)

Other incomes
Referral program (blog) 21,17€
Affiliate commission 18,95€
Total 40,12€

My comments to the returns

Earned a total of 242,42€ in December with my private and company’s accounts.
There was a small loss from sold loans under the company account, which was 3,94€. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

Total passive income from investments financefreedom.eu


I have a total of 5000 euros invested in Mintos and the platform generated me a total of 50,81€ interests.
All of the money is at MOGO car loans, a total of 366 investments. The current net annual return is 11,89% and the average remaining term is 50 months 15 days. In the past I used the cash-back solution and it bumped up the numbers quite well, but they are slowly coming down once again.

Mintos income in euros 2018


Estateguru has been producing great numbers, so far I have invested a total of 1100€ at that real estate crowdlending platform. Under my company’s account I have invested in 19 loans and the net annual return is 10,95%.

Estateguru accounts interests income 2018


In 2018 September, I deposited 500€ to my Crowdestate account.
So far I’ve invested in 5 different projects, all have 100€.
Average expected return so far has been 11,64%, I hope it remains the same or goes higher. It depends highly on the projects I select to invest in.

crowdestate income in euros

B2P loans

Business to peers loan have been going well and the interests keep on coming!

B2P loans interest income in euros


Apartment #1
Income 16,05€.
So far no problems with the apartment nor the rent payments.
Overall a superb tenant! 

Private real-estate
In November I sold the private real-estate apartment. Will write about this transaction in the near future.

Apartment #2
In March 2017, me and my fellow business partners bought one more apartment, which is located at the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. I have a total of 3600 euros invested in the apartment, which is generating me 27,40€ per month.

Due to the location of the apartment, the tenants are a bit fishy. Me and my fellow investors have a small concern about the unpaid utility bills and we are thinking of selling the place. It would be a pretty cool sight to see, due to the fact that we haven’t calculated the profit numbers yet. I imagine the profit will be huge!


In June 2018, I decided to exit from Bondora.
It was the first platform I started investing in with just 10.1€ being the first deposit. Crazy right? It has served me well, even though I made lots of rookie mistakes, I am exiting with positive vibes. Farewell Bondora!

Bondora income in euros 2018


Omaraha’s company account interests 83,37€ and loss from sold loans 3,94€.
Which means the profit was 79,43€.

Under private account there was a total of 4,65€ of profit, which means a total of 84,04€ of profit from Omaraha.

Total profit from omaraha 2018


Twino has been producing average numbers, but one of my company’s account is somewhy in decline and I am withdrawing money out of it.
My private account and the second company’s account will keep on investing.

Total profit from twino 2018

UpSteam Syndicate

In October, I made a small investment of 340€ at Funderbeam into the company called UpSteam. At December my shares were worth 363,8€.
Read more at https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/upsteam

Upsteam syndicate value at december 2018

Tanker Brewery Syndicate

In September I made a small investment of 500€ at Funderbeam into the company called Tanker Brewery. At december my shares were worth 485€.
Read more at https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/tanker-brewery
Tanker syndicate value at december 2018


Nobody wants to talk about losing. Well, as I’ve said. I will show you everything!
Even my losses. All of these numbers are from Omaraha private and companies accounts. Definitely a learning point!

Total loss in euros 2018


This concludes the Portfolio update of December!

How did your month go? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the blog with me and the blog readers.

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Finance Freedom

Hi! My name is Lukas, I am in my mid 20’s and I am an engineer from Estonia. I started investing at 2014, so I have been investing for over 6 years. In addition, I was 20 years old, when I started my first company and just 21 years of age, when I made my first investments. I was hooked instantly! In this blog I will be documenting my journey towards financial freedom.

2 thoughts on “Portfolio update December 2018

  1. Hey did you start investing at Funderbeam. It seems like and interesting platform, but there is very few reviews. So other than being based on the blockchain, and calling the investments stocks, how is it different from the other crowdlending sites?

    1. Funderbeam is a funding and trading platform for high-growth private companies. It helps founders raise funds beyond borders and provides access — and unique liquidity — to early stage equity investors.
      For investors, Funderbeam provides access to a community of ambitious growth companies
      Read about Funderbeam here – https://www.funderbeam.com/about

      It’s basically like Kickstarter, but with companies only.

      Crowdlending sites usually have some kind of buybacks or interest rates, Funderbeam has none of them. You basically buy a small part of a company, a company which is in it’s early stage and will conquer the world (hopefully).
      For example, I took part of UpSteam syndicate with 340€. Got 340 units of shares for that, which is 1€ per share. Now one share price is 1,82€ and the total sum is 618,8€.

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