Portfolio update January 2017

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It’s finally year 2017 and it’s time for yet another portfolio update.

In Estonia, January is usually the second coldest month of the year. The days are getting slowly but steadily longer by the minute, but at low temperatures and darker times we tend to use more electricity. More warm water usage, perhaps a cosy tea or at really cold nights maybe even turn on the extra heater. This will all rake up to a hefty power usage and winter months electricity bills usually pack a big punch. Especially if you do not have a great energy package deal.

Luckily for us Estonians, we have a special website called Elektrihind.ee, which we can use to compare our current energy package prices to other offered packages. It will even calculate the amount of money you can save by switching from operator to another.

For example, you usually want to have electricity at market price and a 2 tariff system installed, which means one tariff for measuring your daily usage and the second tariff measuring your nightly consumption.

Why 2 tariffs?

Because we use electricity throughout the day and the night time electricity is always cheaper.
I clearly remember from my youthhood, that we washed clothes always after 20.00, because the electricity was then cheaper.

Also it’s a fact that electricity prices are the highest at peak hours of the morning at 06.00 to 10.00 and then go up once more, when the usual workday ends at 15.00 to 18.00.
They go up and down just like the usual stock market prices.

Average electricity price during the day

Why am I talking about this?

I have many friends that are still using 1 tariff systems and paying outrageous amounts of money, just for the electricity bills. I’ve heard about numbers upwards to 300 euros per month for a couple, who live in an 50 square meter apartment. INSANE, isn’t it?!?

At winter, my average electricity bill is usually around 40 euros per month.  With all the ingredients in it, such as electricity grid service fee and renewable energy fee and electricity excise.

How are your electricity bills? How much are you paying?

Private account interests received:

Bondora.com 6,48€
Twino.eu 1,04€
Omaraha.ee 3,15€

Interests received from private P2P in January 2017 = 10,67€.

Company interests received:

At the very start of the year, I thought to myself that I am earning very decent ROI with the apartment, but at Peer 2 Peer lending platforms, the interests rates can go up to 20 or more percents a year!

Therefore, I decided to start investing with my company.
I sent my funds to my Omaraha.ee and Twino.eu accounts, both 500€ each.

Twino.eu first interests came in at 0,28€

Property #1 – My small stake at the newly acquired apartment generates me 16,29€ of income per month! (You gotta start somewhere!)
Property #2 – COMING SOON!

Total amount of interests received 27,24€!

This concludes the Portfolio update of a very cold month of January 2017!


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