Real estate crowdfunder plans insane growth: We will take 3-5 billion euros from the market in the upcoming years

Estateguru reported that the company plans to take between 3 and 5 billion euros from the market for alternative real estate funding in Europe over the next five years.

According to the World Bank, 70% of small and medium-sized enterprises have a problem finding funding, and they call it the main reason that prevents them from growing. According to forecasts from various analysts, by 2025, 12% of all loans will be financed by alternative financiers, including co-financing platforms.

“The volume of real estate financing through various digital platforms will grow to €75.6 billion by 2025, with 2.85 billion in 2016. Estateguru plans to take at least 3-5 billion euros from this growth, “comments EstateGuru founder and partner Marek Pärtel. “Our plan is to bring Estonia back to the map of the financial world by innovative banking. We have decades of experience in managing real estate investments, banking, risk assessment and building financial technology. Most importantly, we have ambition and will to carry out a mission that changes the European property market and its funding, and people’s opportunities to make their money grow safely, “the Pärtel complemented.

«The volume of new loans on the housing market in the first half of this year was 33.8 million euros. In the same period last year, it was 22.6 million euros, so the volume of loans has grown 49.2 percent. Investors joined the EstateGuru platform in the first half at 7,913, which is 135.4 percent more compared to the first half of 2018. Over the course of almost six years, EstateGuru investors have not lost a cent of their investments, and we have grown twice every year. Last year, the first troubled loans in the portfolio emerged, but our serious focus on risk assessment and due process has also resolved these situations. So our investors have recovered both their investments and the majority of interest at the end of the procedure,” commented EstateGuru‘s chief executive, Mihkel Stamm, on the first half year’s economic performance.

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EstateGuru is active in six markets: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Spain and Portugal. Today, these markets are regulated in Lithuania and Finland. Until the European Commission regulates the market for crowdfunding platforms, we will continue to apply for licenses in the local markets we enter. Lithuania is one of the few regulated markets in Europe and EstateGuru is on the official list of common funding platforms. We are currently applying for a license in Finland and hope to get one by the end of this year. We are also a member of the European Crowdfunding Network, ”added Mihkel Roosme, Head of Business Development at EstateGuru.

In all the emerging sectors – especially those that depend on technology – there are clear winners and losers. The viability and success of each platform is determined by the skilled use of data, both in building a business and managing risks. In addition to physically assessing investment sites, EstateGuru has integrated various data platforms and built models to ensure investors have confidence in the quality of investments made. The ability to cooperate with classical banks is also becoming increasingly important for the alternative financial sector. Cooperation between estateguru and LHV Bank is one of the first examples of such cooperation in Europe. All EstateGuru investors with an account at LHV Bank will see their portfolio of alternative investments combined with classic investments.

EstateGuru has over 33 872 investors from 106 countries around the world. According to a July survey of 2,229 EstateGuru investors, 34% of EstateGuru investors themselves specifically searched for alternative investments and thus found the EstateGuru platform. 36.5% of investors found information through one or another blog and 15.5% received a personal recommendation from a friend. It is worth noting that 28% of EstateGuru investors in Estonia are women, while in Germany, for example, this percentage is 9% and in the world 12%.


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