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UPDATED! (02.02.2021)

Envestio is a scam?! On January 21st 2021 Envestio made an announcement on their FB page and few hours later their website goes down and hasn’t been up for more than 48 hours.
What’s going on with Envestio? Is probably the most common question asked by the Envestio investors.

Nothing is 100% certain, but please read this article before making any decisions – https://financefreedom.eu/is-envestio-a-scam-another-one-bites-the-dust/

Envestio scam alert

Envestio Autoinvest feature ensures you do not miss an investment opportunity due to high demand, and the investment will be placed based on your chosen criteria automatically. In order to access the Autoinvest activation page you should go to Investments/Autoinvest.

How to set up Envestio Autoinvest?

Find Autoinvest and click on “Add Autoinvest Rule”

Envestio autoinvest

Boxes/parameters to be filled in:

1) Please choose a name for your Envestio Autoinvest rule in order to distinguish it from other Autoinvest rules you might be interested in;

2) You may choose whether you wish to invest in multiple active loans submitted by a borrower. The checked button “Invest in multiple active loans from same originators” means that you consider all newly published loans without limitations.

In case you skip (do not choose) the “Invest in multiple active loans from same originators” the Autoinvest will not invest in additional tiers of loans, issued by a borrower, in case it has at least one outstanding (not yet repaid) loan from you.

For example, you haven’t chosen “Invest in multiple active loans from same originators”.
A new loan “Oil product terminal rent Tier 3” appears.
You have already invested in a project “Oil product terminal rent Tier 1”, which has not been repaid yet.
Autoinvest will not further invest in the project of the same borrower, which is “Oil product terminal rent Tier 3”.

Enabling “Invest in multiple active loans from same originators” will allow Autoinvest to invest in “Oil product terminal rent Tier 3”.

configure autoinvest rule

3) Parameters for the minimum and maximum amounts:

You may either choose to invest all the funds available, or limit the Envestio Autoinvest rule and insert the maximum amount that can be invested by this Autoinvest set up (in total for all new projects). The Autoinvest function will stop, once the limit amount is reached.

autoinvesting settings

You should also choose the investment amount per loan, in order to be able to get a diversified portfolio. The minimum amount per loan is 100 EUR, but you may increase this amount at your own choice.

Example 1, the below chosen parameters mean that Autoinvest will invest from 200 to 500 EUR in a single loan (depending on the loan availability).

how much per loan

Example 2, the below chosen parameters mean that Envestio Autoinvest will invest exactly 500 EUR in a single loan (depending on the loan availability). In case it is not possible to invest this exact amount, the Autoinvest will not invest amounts less or greater than 500 EUR.

autoinevst envestio

4) The below parameters allow you to choose ranges for the interest rate (expressed in annual terms) and length of the projects (in months).

autoinvesting in envestio

Once you complete and double check the set of parameters you may either activate the Autoinvest rule (by pressing Confirm and Activate), or save the set of parameters for further consideration and activation.

You may check the status of your Autoinvest rules on the Autoinvest activation page. In case your status is “Insufficient funds”, you should double check the balance, and either add additional funds or change the minimum loan amount for Envestio Autoinvest (but not less than 100 EUR).

autoinvest settings

You may turn Autoinvest on or off any time. It is possible to delete the Autoinvest set of rules by clicking the Delete button in your Autoinvest settings. This will delete the function immediately. It does not cancel any previous or pending investments that have already taken place.

Also it is possible to pause/disable the function by pressing the Disable button. In this case it would be possible to reactivate the Envestio Autoinvest rule at any time by pressing the Activate button.

investing autoinvest

You can easily change your Autoinvest settings at any time. Go to the Autoinvest activation page, choose any Autoinvest rule and press on the View button to view/amend the settings.

Multiple Envestio Autoinvest rules

Investors may create multiple Autoinvest rules, which would act independently from each other. Please choose the parameters carefully, as Autoinvest rules with overlapping parameters may submit multiple active orders for the same loan, which may result in a portfolio of several investments in the same project.

What shall I do if my Autoinvest doesn’t work?

  • Once activated, Autoinvest will submit orders to newly published loans only. It will not recheck the already published loans. In case Autoinvest did not invest in a newly published loan, we suggest you to check:
  1. the Autoinvest status, it should be active and the Investor account should have sufficient funds
  2. check that the Autoinvest rule has not reached its total investment limit yet
  3. check whether Autoinvest is configured properly, i.e. the settings are not mutually contradictory, and that the published loan matched all parameters chosen
  4. in case you have performed the above checks and still cannot understand the reason why Envestio Autoinvest was able to invest, please contact our team for further clarifications.

Reference to the original article from Envestio blog – https://blog.envestio.com/autoinvest/

My account at Envestio:

My investment account

So far I deposited a total of 500€ to my company’s Envestio account.
I have diversified all of the money into 6 different loans.

Check out my Envestio portfolio here – https://financefreedom.eu/envestio-portfolio/

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