Stock portfolio

Updated: 22.09.2021

Investment start date: 20.10.2020
Total deposits to Revolut: 100€
Total withdrawn: –

Current account balance: 117.74€

My stock investment portfolio:

20th November 2020 – I bought 0.11909403 shares of TSLA for 59.26$ @ 497.59$ a share.

7th January 2021 – Bought 0.07556585 shares of TSLA for 61.33 USD @ 811,61$ a share

Stock nameInitial InvestmentNr. of SharesPurchase priceValue
Tesla (TSLA) #150€0,11909403497.59 USD69,8€
Tesla (TSLA) #250€0.07556585811.61 USD44,28€

Bought more TSLA stock at 7th January 2021Tesla stock private account


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