Kuetzal Review: Examining One of the Newest P2P Platforms in Europe

Kuetzal Review: Examining One of the Newest P2P Platforms in Europe

In this Kuetzal review, I will be taking a closer look into one of the newest P2P platforms in Europe.


Kuetzal is a scam?! Many P2P bloggers think it might be a scam. They have loads of evidence and concerns that indicate the P2P platform might be falling apart.
Nothing is 100% certain, but please read this article before making any decisions – https://financefreedom.eu/is-kuetzal-a-scam-how-it-all-came-to-light/


Update #2 – Kuetzal has sent out an email to all investors on the platform. In my opinion things don’t look good at all. I truly hope that all the projects will have a successfull finish and investors will get their money back.

Kuetzal news about winding down the platform and having AML initiated

Started in November 2018, Kuetzal is a P2P crowdfunding platform that offers exceptional features such as Kuetzal Care that brings interesting options that differentiate it from competitors. This is a platform that offers high-interest rates, which makes it an interesting option if you’re looking for a unique crowdfunding lending services. 

As peer to peer lending becomes more and more popular, investors from around the world are looking for a reliable and profitable platforms to invest in. Kuetzal is one such platform. Having arrived at the end of 2018, Kuetzal is following in the footsteps of other successful platforms such as Crowdestor and Envestio. This is a P2P platform that looks to connect investors with the most promising businesses in the region to create high-value cooperation.

Are you just getting started with P2P lending? If you’re looking for a P2P platform that guarantees high returns, you may want to look in the direction of Kuetzal. Is it a legitimate way to invest? Could it be the right P2P lending platform for you? How do you get started? These are some of the questions that you’re probably asking yourself. That’s essentially why this review is for you. At the end of it, you should be in a much better position to decide whether it’s the best platform for you.

Let’s get started!

Kuetzal Overview

Unlike in the past when individuals could only go through official institutions to either borrow or lend funds, things are now a little different. Through P2P online platforms, borrowers can now meet lenders without necessarily going through banks or middlemen. In other words, P2P platforms remove the hassles that are inherent in traditional brick and mortar lending scenarios of the years past. Thanks to modern technology, the P2P lending industry has grown by double digits every year and has led to the emergence of new platforms such as Kuetzal.

So What Exactly is Kuetzal?

Kuetzal is a P2P crowdlending investment platform that connects businesses in need of financing with potential investors. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Kuetzal was founded by Alberts Čevers to offer secure and high-yielding interests and investment opportunities in Europe.

Kuetzal is a great platform if you’re a retail investor looking for an alternative investment platform or if you own a viable business in Europe looking for funding. It essentially acts as a middleman that connects businesses with investors and issue short-term business loans that pay interests ranging from 6% to 21%, which is one of the highest in the P2P lending industry.

Company information:

  • Company name: Kuetzal OÜ;
  • Kuetzal was founded in 2018;
  • CEO and Co-founder: Alberts Cevers;
  • Main office is located in Estonia, Harjumaa, 12918, Tallinn at Mustamäe tee 149a-24.;
  • Email: info@kuetzal.com;
  • Working hours: Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00. Sat-Sun: Closed.

Kuetzal Key Features

Some of the platform’s key features include:

  • Interest rates: Ranging from 6% to 21%, average interest 16,7%!
  • Loan types: Business loans;
  • Minimum investment: €100;
  • Fees: No fees;
  • Loan terms: Ranging from 12 to 48 months;
  • Currency: EUR (€);
  • Number of Investors: 3500+ and growing;
  • The Platform has funded businesses worth €9 million;
  • No secondary market;
  • No auto-invest;
  • Offers buyback guarantee on most projects;
  • Minimum withdrawal €15.

What Interest Rates Does Kuetzal Offer?

As an investor, one of the first questions that you should ask yourself is the rate of return on your investment. While the rate of returns depends on a particular project, the interest rate typically ranges from 6% to 21%.

Kuetzal investment opportunities

The platform, of course, offers a lot of projects with different risks and reward levels. It’s, therefore, advisable that you choose projects that have your desired reward levels. Keep in mind that loan periods can also affect the interest rates of the project that you choose.

Who Can Invest via Kuetzal?

Like most P2P crowdfunding platforms, Kuetzal doesn’t have geographical and nationality restrictions. In other words, there are no specific country restrictions for investors wishing to join and invest in the platform as long as you are over the age of 18.

Opening an Account

Kuetzal offers one of the simplest account opening processes you’ll ever come across. All you have to do is fill in the form with your details (name, date of birth, and active email address). You’ll also have to include your working phone number, country of residence, and create a password for your account. In essence, the account opening process takes less than two minutes.

Kuetzal registering 2nd page

While the initial registration process doesn’t require you to attach identification documents, you’ll have to do this before you withdraw any money from the platform. To verify your account (which you can do at a later date) you’ll have to provide scanned identification documents and proof of residency (address).

Typically, the process includes:

  • Creating an account;
  • Adding funds to your account, and;
  • Selecting loans and investing.

How to Invest in Kuetzal

Once you’ve completed the fast and simple registration process, you can confirm your account by clicking on the link that will be sent to your email. You’ll receive a message from Kuetzal if the registration process is successful.

You can then make a bank transfer and start investing on the platform. The first deposit is very important in the sense that you’ll have to use your personal bank account to verify your identity. Generally, Kuetzal provides account numbers for the transfers and your deposit will reflect in your Kuetzal account within two working days.

Unlike other P2P lending platforms that offer auto-invest, Kuetzal is yet to implement this feature. This means that you’ll have to invest manually with minimum investment per project being €100.

Here is a simple process on how the platform works:

  • Sign up;
  • Provide proof of identification;
  • Wire money to your Kuetzal account and;
  • Pick a project to invest in.

Types of Investments Offered on Kuetzal

Kuetzal offers business loans with terms ranging from 12 to 48 months. These loans are non-amortized, which means you’ll receive fixed monthly interest payments in addition to the maturity payment at the end of the loan period.

Some of the projects that are financed on the platform belong to sectors such as:

  • Online payment solutions;
  • Real Estate;
  • Crypto mining;
  • Hospitality;
  • Truck and trailer reseller;
  • Logistics;
  • Gaming;
  • Health and Fitness;
  • Company growth.

Account Funding and Funds Withdrawal

Initially, Kuetzal showed its bank account for account funding but this proved to be confusing, so it was redesigned to make deposits and withdrawals straightforward. That’s why Kuetzal uses a SEPA transfer for both deposits and withdrawals.

Buyback Guarantee

Investment buy-back is provided by the platform, not by the project owners. Along with them we have personal guarantee from project owners and in some projects collateral (mainly real estate).

10% penalty is taken in case you are willing to cancel your investment before the end of term.

In the worst case scenario, if project announces default, Kuetzal guarantees to cover 100% of investment during next 2 months after default is announced (for those projects that are supported with buy-back). This time will be used to initiate the legal process. 2 months is the maximum term, we expect to return funds in 1-2 weeks. In this case there are no fees for investors. Again want to remind that this is the worst case scenario and it is very unlikely.

Secondary Market

In terms of the secondary market, Kuetzal offers what’s known as “investment buy-back,” which is essentially a clever form of a secondary market. This means that you can sell your loan back to Kuetzal at any time but only if it has the “investment buy-back” option. However, this can be expensive since the platform retains 10% of the withdrawn amount. This is to discourage investors from taking this route and also a commission for the service.


Although there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing funds, there’s a 10% penalty if you decide to sell the loan back to Kuetzal before maturity.

Skin in the game

Kuetzal is not involved in any projects.

Kuetzal Care

This is one of the features that give Kuetzal an edge over its competitors. It’s a guarantee that the projects will receive the required funding regardless of the amount contributed by interested investors.

The idea here is that even if a project doesn’t achieve the required funding from investors, Kuetzal will commit itself to ensure that the funding threshold is met. This is to show that Kuetzal is committed and ready to put their money in such projects to ensure the security of the investors.

Loans Volume

While the amounts financed may vary from one project to the other, most projects generally require at least €100,000. Some projects may, however, command over a million euros. And given that Kuetzal is still new in the P2P industry, the platform usually offers at least three new projects each month. So far, the platform has helped fund projects worth more than €9 million.

Loan Liquidity

Although there are currently 25 projects available on Kuetzal, most of them offer high returns and could be worth looking at. However, it’s important to perform due diligence and invest only in projects that interest and suit you.

Auto-Invest Feature

While some P2P lending platforms offer an auto-invest feature that can invest your money automatically on certain projects, Kuetzal isn’t one of them. You, therefore, have to invest manually. This can be a blessing in disguise in the sense that you personally choose the projects to invest in.

Kuetzal reply to “Will there be an auto-invest feature in the future for Kuetzal investors?”

For today auto-invest function is not needed on Kuetzal, because we don’t have a lot of projects available right now, but maybe in the future this function will be added.

Ease of Use

In addition to the fast and simple signup process, Kuetzal has an easy-to-navigate website to make it easy for investors to browse and invest. You can check your loan performance, as well as other administrative functions such as withdrawal of funds. To make the platform more user-friendly, the platform supports three languages: English, German, and Spanish.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer tools to help investors dig deep into their investment performance or data. Again, the platform uses JavaScript, which makes it almost impossible to open several projects on different or new tabs.


In terms of support, Kuetzal has perfect customer support and provides investors with the option of contacting support either via phone or email. The platform will also promptly notify investors through email when new projects are available.

Kuetzal contact infomation

You’ll also receive notifications when transferred funds reach your account. This should, however, be improved in the sense that the email should offer details about the funds instead of the generic “Kuetzal Account”.

Reporting and Documentation

Kuetzal has improved its FAQ since its inception but there is still very little documentation within the platform. The same applies to reports as there’s only a list of projects and repayment schedules.

Is Kuetzal Safe to Use?

The most notable risk of investing through platforms such as Kuetzal revolves around loan defaults by projects. To reduce this risk, Kuetzal performs thorough due diligence before accepting any project on the platform. This is fundamentally why Kuetzal only hosts premium projects on the platform. Kuetzal also requires security and a personal guarantee from project owners to ensure that they do not default on loans.

The fact that the platform offers a buyback guarantee on most of its loans is a great way to ensure that your investments are secure. If a project defaults, the platform will repay the loan within two months but only after the default status has been confirmed. So far, the platform has never experienced any default.

Kuetzal Bankruptcy Risk

It’s essential to note that Kuetzal takes various measures to select and work with projects that pass firm quality control. But in the unlikely event that that the platform goes bankrupt.

Kuetzal is just the mediator between investors and the companies. In addition, lots of deals are secured with collateral and personal & other guarantees. In case Kuetzal announces bankruptcy, company will collect all the cash and convert all the assets into cash. Furthermore it will be distributed among investors in relevant proportion.

Kuetzal Competitors

Some of Kuetzal’s main competitors include Crowdestor, CrowdEstate, EstateGuru, Grupeer, BulkEstate, Monethera, Envestio and Flender.


  • Diversified loan portfolios;
  • Kuetzal Care guarantees that every project will get funded;
  • The platform offers excellent performance;
  • No deposit or withdrawal fees;
  • Customer support is excellent;
  • Buyback guaranteed loans;
  • The platform offers high-interest rates.


  • No secondary market;
  • Fairly new platform, with no solid track record;
  • No auto-invest;
  • 10% early exit penalty;
  • Not all projects have a buyback guarantee;
  • Minimal investment of €100 is a little higher.

Kuetzal Review – Our Verdict

After reading this review, you might still be wondering if you should invest through Kuetzal. Well, the straightforward answer is NO!
It has been discovered by several other P2P bloggers that Kuetzal might be a scam.

Read more about why Kuetzal might be a scam here: https://financefreedom.eu/is-kuetzal-a-scam-how-it-all-came-to-light/

All in all, Kuetzal might be a scam, but nothing is 100% sure yet! But it is sure that many of the investors have withdrawn their money from their Kuetzal accounts and will stay away from this platform for good.

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