How I Earned 1341.23€ Side hustling, Blogging & Investing – November 2021 Report

Hello and welcome to yet another side hustling, blogging & investing report

Let’s dive into the numbers.

Total amount of passive income in November 2021: 170.49€!

Other incomes/side hustles:

Referral program (blog) 17.74€
Other side hustles & niche sites 923.35€
E-shop profit 229.65€
Total 1170.74€

And that’s how I earned 1341.23€ side hustling, blogging & investing in November!


Side hustles

Blog and side hustle income report november 2021

#1 Blog income: TargetCircle/CircleWise and Bonusway

In November the blog generated 17.74€;

#2 E-shop income

Total profit from e-shop sales: 229.65€.

#3 Niche Site nr.1 report

17th month (September):
Total of 7400 clicks and 145000 impressions, average position: 12.7.
Posts published: 2

18th month (October):
Total of 6810 clicks and 124000 impressions, average position: 14.4.
Posts published: 3

19th month (November):
Total of 8900 clicks and 165000 impressions, average position: 14.3.
Posts published: 6

Total of 54 posts and 58 170 words.

Niche site’s Facebook page has over 1400 likes and 1600 followers, in addition with a Facebook group, that now has over 1300 members.

Niche site november 2021 overview

Google Search Console statistics of the niche site, November 2021:

Niche site GSC november 2021

Niche site #1 affiliate earnings report for November 2021:

353! SALES in November.

My niche site #1 earned a total of $1045.11 in comissions.

Here’s a look at 223 sales through Amazon affiliate program, other sales came from another, multiple times better affiliate program.

Amazon niche site income November 2021

This blog’s stats for November 2021

A total of 351 visitors visited my blog and had a total of 778 views. blog stats november 2021

Passive income from investments

My total passive income from investments since November 2019 to November 2021:

Total passive income from investments november 2021

This is it, the end of this month’s update

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