Estateguru Review

EstateGuru review – My Results After 45 Months

This Estateguru review is 100% unbiased and based on my own experiences after close to 4 years of investing on the real-estate P2P platform.

❓ What is Estateguru?

Estateguru is an online peer-to-peer (p2p) debt funding platform where property developers and entrepreneurs can borrow funds from abroad international investor base and investors can invest in secured property loans. Currently, the borrowers and properties are in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania whereas investors come from 45 countries

Signing up

Becoming a member is very straight forward. Fill out the required data in the form and your account is created.

Estateguru sign up form

Estateguru systems will send you a confirmation email.

Signing up to estateguru

In the email, they will thank you for signing up and you need to confirm the registration. Above all, it’s pretty basic registration procedure.

How to register at estateguru

Just select if you want to register a private account or a company account and fill in the blanks.

After that you need to verify a phone number and your identity. In addition, for company registration, you need to submit some legal documents.
“Before investing you are required to send us an accurate copy of your government-issued identification document.”

Transferring money

To add funds to you account you simply make a SEPA transfer through your bank. All bank account information is available under the “Deposit / Withdraw” -> “Add funds” page. Remember to include your personal reference number in the payment details.

Easy to use dashboard

It’s quite easy to navigate the site and find the information you need. There’s only 4 headlines in the menu.

They’ve put a lot of work into creating an intuitive dashboard that makes it is incredibly simple to manage your funds, investments, and payouts, all from the same place. Clearly see your portfolio, account balance and opportunities and easily make new investments, withdrawals, and deposits.My account overview

⚙️ Auto Invest

For investors who like to make their money work for them as seamlessly as possible, we’ve developed Auto Invest. Load money to your account, select your Auto Invest amounts per project and our technology takes care of the rest. Auto Invest is the best way to diversify your investment portfolio without spending hours on admin.

Auto invest

Track investments on every device

You can take your EstateGuru account with you anywhere, on any device. Make sure you never miss a great investment opportunity with the ability to manage your dashboard on the go. It’s like having an investment portfolio in your pocket.

Detailed alerts management

Getting in on the best deals is all about timing and knowledge, for instance they let you fine-tune the amount of information they send you down to the minutest detail. Whether you want to know about every single investment opportunity as it arises, simply prefer broader updates or anything in between, they have you covered.

🔒 3 main reasons why I invest in Estateguru

  • High returns on secured loans;

  • Short-term results;

  • Total control, total transparency.

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Estateguru review: Conclusion

If you’re looking for well established real estate investing platform with a long working history, Estateguru would be an excellent choice. The platform is very easy to use and the support is great as well. They have a 100% success rate after 6 years of operation and 12,15% average.

That being said, interest rates have typically been in the range of 10-13% lately. With the stable investor growth they have experienced over the years.

In the end, there’s only one way to see if you like it. Why don’t you try it for yourself?

If you sign up to Estateguru using my referral link, you will earn an EXTRA BONUS of 0.5% from all the investments you make in the first 90 days.

Register here –

join today

We believe there’s truth in the proverb,

‘If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.’

We are on a journey to transform property investment, and we want to share it with the world.

You can make a difference by recommending EstateGuru to your friends, colleagues and other contacts. As a small gesture of our gratitude, we operate a referral program:

  • Every friend you invite (using your referral link), will receive additional referral funds of 0,5% of the total amount invested within the first three months of their membership.
  • Even better, as a thank you for recommending us, we will match this amount for you too – meaning that for every friend that you invite, who invests in a funded deal within three months, you too will receive an addition of 0,5% of the investment value into your virtual wallet.

Estateguru dashboard

Be sure to check out my detailed portfolio overview –

My account overview at

Estateguru private account overview january 2020Estateguru company account overview january 2020

Share your thoughts!

Are you considering Estateguru, although still have questions? Go ahead and post your questions or concerns in the comment section below!

Or if you’re already investing at Estateguru, what are your thoughts about the platform?

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