Viventor Review: Making Loan Investments Simple and Accessible

Viventor Review: Making Loan Investments Simple and Accessible

With the high returns and low risks that peer-to-peer crowdfunding platforms offer, you’re probably looking for the best platform to use as your investment vehicle. And because the road to financial freedom is never a straightforward one, you’re perhaps wondering if Viventor, one of these P2P lending platforms, could be the right platform for you. For this reason, this article takes a comprehensive look at Viventor and presents to you everything you need to know.

From the expected returns, the signup process, the diversity of loans to crucial features such as auto investing and buyback guarantee, this article covers everything. At the end of this review, you should be in a much better position to decide whether or not Viventor is the right P2P crowdfunding platform for you.

What is Viventor?

Viventor is a P2P lending marketplace based in Riga, Latvia. Founded in 2015, the platform is an intermediary for loan originators and retail investors across Europe. In other words, this is a platform that’s currently open to investors in the European Economic Area (EEA), so it’s impossible to invest if you’re not from Europe unless you have an EU bank account.

By working with various European lending companies as loan originators, Viventor offers different types of loans such as consumer loans, invoice financing, business loans, mortgage-backed loans, pawnbroking loans, and lines of credit. With more than 7,400 investors, Viventor has, so far, issued loans worth more than €122,209,698. Despite being a legitimate lending platform, Viventor is a relatively new platform in the P2P crowdfunding industry and that’s why it still has fewer members when compared to other platforms.

🔑 Viventor Key Facts

  • Headquarters – Riga, Latvia;
  • Loan Types – Business loans, consumer loans, Invoice financing, line of credit, pawnbroking loans, and mortgage-backed loans;
  • Interest rates – 6-16%;
  • Loan terms – 1 month to 5 years;
  • Minimum investment – 10 EUR;
  • Fees – No fees;
  • Secondary market – Yes;
  • Auto Invest – Yes;
  • Buyback guarantee – Yes.

Features Viventor

Rate of Returns at Viventor

As an investor, you always want to know what returns to expect when you invest in platforms such as Viventor. While this generally depends on the type of loan you invest in, the interest rates offered at Viventor range from 6% to 16%. This range is similar to other P2P crowdfunding platforms. Inevitably, higher interest rates always come with higher risks in the sense that borrowers are more likely to default if they’re expected to pay higher interests. On the other hand, low-interest rate loans are safer since borrowers are highly unlikely to default.

As shown in the picture blow, Viventor’s investors annualised yield is mostly between 12% and 15%. In fact, more than 30% of the investors have even managed to earn +15% XIRR.

Investors distribution by annualised yield (XIRR)

Creating a Viventor Investor Account

As shown in the image below, creating an investor account on Viventor is a straightforward process that follows the standard guidelines of other P2P crowdlending platforms. All you have to do is fill in your names and details, confirm your email, and upload your verification documents. This process takes less than 5 minutes and you should be ready to make the initial money transfer if your registration and verification are successful. To open an account at Viventor, you must be of the legal age (over 18 years). You must also be a citizen or resident of EEA and have an EU bank account.

Viventor registration is easy

Here are the steps to opening a Viventor account:

  • Fill in the initial registration form;
  • Confirm your email address;
  • Upload your scanned passport or any other identity verification document;
  • Make the first transfer from your bank account and begin investing.

How to Add and Withdraw Money to and from Your Viventor Account

Viventor makes it quite easier for investors to add money into their Viventor accounts and begin investing. While the platform only accepts money through bank transfers for the initial deposit, you can use other money transfer services such as Skrill, TransferWise, and PaySera for subsequent deposits. The money should be reflected in your Viventor account in one or two business days.

In terms of withdrawals, Viventor quickly processes cash withdrawals from your investment account. You can withdraw any amount from the platform without withdrawal fees and you’ll have the money in your bank account in one or two business days.

Deposit and withdraw funds from your account

Viventor Loan Originators, Loan Types, Diversification and Terms

As noted earlier, Viventor offers different loans (consumer loans, invoice financing, mortgage-backed loans, business loans, line of credit, and pawnbroking loans). This makes it extremely easy to diversify and build a balanced and successful portfolio. That’s not all; Viventor is one of the few P2P lending platforms that offer longer loan terms ranging from one month to 5 years!

Unlike some other P2P lending platforms, Viventor doesn’t issue loans to investors directly. Instead, it works with around 18 legitimate loan originators across Europe. This is essential in reducing the risks of investors losing out their investments while giving them (investors) the chance to work with their preferred loan originators and spread the risks. Some of the loan originators working with Viventor include Atlantis Financiers, Monify, Twinero & Presto, My Credit, Seymoure, KFP24 and many more.

Loan Liquidity

Viventor is a very liquid platform in the P2P lending industry. You can buy loans not just on the primary market but also on the secondary market (more on this later). Unfortunately, the account seems to give auto investors top priority. For this reason, the number of loans that are available to manual investors on the primary market is limited. This makes it harder to diversify, which could eventually lower your profits.

Here are the numbers of loans available at the time of this review:

Consumer loans – 39,197;

Line of credit – 3;

Business loans – 18;

Mortgage-backed loans – 3;

Pawnbroking – 0;

Invoice financing – 385.

Buyback Guarantee

Like many other P2P crowdlending platforms, Viventor offers buyback guarantees on most of its loans. While this feature depends on the loan originator, most loans come with buyback guarantees to ensure that your investments are safe if there’s a default, which is yet to be experienced on the platform. The buyback guarantees on Viventor differ in period and will automatically activate after 30, 60 or 90 days after default. You’ll, nonetheless, get back your invested money plus the interest due if there’s a default.

So before investing in any loan, it’s crucial to find out whether or not the loan has a buyback guarantee. You should look for a black shield on the yellow “INVEST” button. The black shield is the indication that the loan has a buyback guarantee. By clicking on the “INVEST” button, you have a closer look at more information about the loan including the loan originator, the borrower, and the repayment schedule among other things as shown in the image below.

Viventor borrower and collateral


Secondary Market

Viventor has one of the most vibrant secondary markets in the P2P lending industry right now. The loans on the secondary market are endless, which provides you with the opportunity to explore various options. This is a perfect chance for investors to increase the liquidity of their investments. In other words, you can sell your investments to other investors at any time. The best part is that the secondary market is free, so you can sell or buy loans with no additional charges.

However, you’ll find difficult to sell on the secondary market without a 1% discount. You’ll, on the other hand, sell very fast if you offer such a discount but will struggle to sell if you do not offer any discount or if you sell even with a 1% premium (extra).

Secondary market Viventor review

Auto Invest

Viventor offers a quite detailed auto-invest feature. This means that you can allow the platform to invest on your behalf automatically depending on virtually every criterion that you choose. Unlike the manual option where you’ll have to go through the loans and choose what’s best for you, the auto-invest option makes it easier and hassle-free as your money will be invested automatically based on the criteria that you choose.

Setting up the auto-invest feature on Viventor is pretty simple. The platform has a default investment page on the right side of the investment options. You’ll, however, have to add a portfolio name, size, maximum investment amount, types of loans, loan originators, loan termination length, interest rate, and other preferred criteria.

Create a new autoinvest portfolio viventor

❓ How Safe is Viventor?

Not long ago, the buyback guarantee was enough to make investors feel safe. But things have changed and P2P lending platforms such as Viventor are putting in further measures to ensure that investors are protected against inherent risks of investing through P2P lending platforms.

Also, since 2019 July Viventor has a new CEO, who has been engaged in the banking and finance business for over 14 years. After joining Viventor he is focusing on making it easier to invest in loans. This means continuously improving Viventor’s user experience, earning more money and providing new investment possibilities for our Investors.

Why should you invest in

❌ Platform Risks

The fact that Viventor does not reveal its financial statements makes it quite hard to determine whether the platform is safe or can go bankrupt. But even if the platform goes bankrupt, your investments would still be secure since the deal is between the investors and loan originators. To deal with this, Viventor claims to use the services of internationally certified auditors monthly.

A major noticeable drawback is the lack of 2-factor authentication. This means that investors are only protected by their passwords, which could leave them vulnerable if their accounts are hacked or compromised. Fortunately, your fund can only be withdrawn from your verified bank account, so an attacker will not be able to empty your account.

There’s also the risk of the loan originators going bankrupt or failing to pay the interests in time. If the borrower defaults, then the loan originator would pay you through the buyback guarantee within the stipulated time. But what if the loan originator goes bankrupt? Well, this may drain out your entire investment. That’s why you should spread your risks by using several loan originators. 

How to invest, register, select and invest and receive

The Viventor Interface

In terms of design and ease of use, Viventor is certainly one of the best. It is clear, straightforward, and easy to navigate. This is vital in the sense that you can easily view the details of each loan, get all the information that you need, and take advantage of all the interactive charts and details to help you make a wise investment decision.

The platform also has a valuable bar chart that gives you a daily update about your money, interest rates, and principal payments. It also enables you to download your income and transactions, as well as consult and filter your investments. There’s also the option of receiving daily, weekly, and monthly updates and reports via email.

Additionally, Viventor has extremely impeccable customer support. If you contact them and ask questions, they’ll answer you promptly within 24 hours. Unfortunately, the platform is only available in English and Latvian and doesn’t support other languages such as German, French, Spanish, and Russian. But Viventor has confirmed to us that they are working on the website for German and Spanish speakers.

Viventor homepage

Dutch FinTech investor acquires Viventor

Viventor has now become a Dutch owned peer to peer (P2P) loan investment platform, which clearly exceeds the status of a start-up. In June, 2020, Lotus 597 B.V., a Dutch Investment company, part of the Gielen Group that also owns Atlantis Financiers NV, has obtained 100% of the SIA ViVentor shares from the Prestamos Prima Group, which had been invested in by international investor Oleg Boyko in 2016. Lotus 597 belongs to the Gielen Group from the Netherlands and is responsible for investing in promising FinTech start-ups and scale-ups.

More information about the acquisition –

Viventor’s Main Competitors

Some of the platform’s main competitors include Mintos, FAST INVEST, Via Invest, Swaper, Robocash, Bondster and many more.

✔️ Viventor Pros

  • Great returns on investment;
  • Huge loan diversity for a balanced portfolio;
  • The platform is very interactive and user-friendly;
  • The buyback guarantee mitigates risks;
  • Customer support is extremely good;
  • The platform offers the secondary market, auto-invest, and other great features.


  • Longer delays for buyback guarantee;
  • The platform needs a 2-factor authentication;
  • The platform should make public their financial statements.

Viventor Review: Conclusion

Our overall impression of Viventor is positive. The platform not only offers several worthy features such as auto-invest and buyback guarantee, but also has several loan types that are crucial, if you’re looking to diversify your investments, as well as higher return rates.

Viventor is, therefore, a great P2P platforms to use for alternative investments. The platform also has a good customer support and an interactive interface to make investing much easier but falls short by offering just two languages: English and Latvian.

However, it’s important to perform due diligence and invest only in loans/projects that interest and suit you.

This concludes our Viventor review.


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Have you invested with Viventor? Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions? Please share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below.


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