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Omaraha portfolio

Updated: 25.05.2020

Investment start date: 09.07.2016

Deposits to private account: 200€
Deposits to company account: 4500€
Total withdrawals: 1350,26€

Monthly income graph (total interest incomes and losses):

Omaraha incomes and loss in euros april 2020

Total profits:

Total profitt from twino april 2020

My Omaraha accounts overview

Company account overview:

Omaraha company portfolio overview april 2020

Private account overview:

Omaraha private account overview april 2020

4 thoughts on “Omaraha portfolio

    1. I’ve been regularly investing at Omaraha since the beginning of 2017. Over the first 6 months I invested a total of 3500€ and all of the money was always invested.
      In 2018 January I invested another 1000€ and also have made a total of 1350,26€ of withdrawals over the 3 years. Sometimes the money was not going out and I decided to withdraw it. But most of the time the interest rates are pretty high and decent and there are loans to be invested in.

      Lately I have not had any free cash on the account and everything is always invested, so I am assuming there are plenty of high interest rate loans out there.
      I hope this answers to your question, thank you for showing interest!

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