Envestio review

Envestio review – So what’s going on?

In this review, we will be taking a look at Envestio. This review is unbiased and based on my own experiences only.


Envestio is a scam! On January 21st Envestio made an announcement on their FB page and few hours later their website goes down and hasn’t been up for more than 48 hours.
What’s going on with Envestio? Is probably the most common question asked by the Envestio investors.

It’s 100% certain that Envestio is a SCAM! Take the time and read how it all went south for Envestio – https://financefreedom.eu/is-envestio-a-scam-another-one-bites-the-dust/

Envestio scam alert

What is Envestio?

Envestio started as a private investment fund in 2014 and now is one of the leading companies in the industry of “New Finance” or “Finance 2.0”, which offers investors from different countries premium investment opportunities through online crowdinvesting marketplace. At Envestio they offer to the public investors only those investment projects, which successfully passed a thorough and unbiased due diligence process, conducted by our professional team.

Crowdinvesting is a growing power on financial markets with thousands of great projects finding necessary financing for successful development through online marketplaces such as Envestio.

What is crowdfunding?

In the Age of Internet crowdfunding concept swiftly became popular as an alternative way of finding necessary financing for different projects. Unlike the traditional bank financing, crowdfunding is highly decentralized concept, where many investors are participating in each project with investments of small or moderate size. Crowdfunding is being used to finance project of different size and nature, such as commercial ventures, cultural and charity events, scientific research, development of new products, etc. In many cases, people, contributing to a crowdfunding project are not expecting a monetary return, especially in case of funding cultural or charity project, or the return is clearly symbolic, like “thank you” booklet or CD.

What is Envestio’s mission?

It is theyr strong belief that nowadays everyone can become a successful investor. Invest into high-tech, real estate, power production, and other top-quality projects with Envestio and start earning high returns.

How much does it cost to use Envestio?

Envestio fees

Who can invest at Envestio?

All adults may become investors at Envestio. Legal entities registered in the EEA member countries or Switzerland are welcome to open corporate investor accounts with us. 
If you’re registered in another country, please contact us with more details.

What is the minimum amount Envestio participants must invest?

It’s super low. Minimum amount of single investment at Envestio is 1 EUR.

Is it worthwhile to invest small amounts?

You do not need much capital to invest successfully, you can also create your own diversified investment portfolio at Envestio step by step. Indeed, you can start with small investments from 1 EUR in single project and expand your portfolio over time, you can reinvest profits from successful investments in new projects, etc. As a result, your portfolio will become broadly diversified over time.

How to register at Envestio?

Registration at Envestio is pretty straight forward.
Click anywhere here to start registration at Envestio.


Envestio - how to register your account

First off, you need to choose between two account types. Do you wish to invest as a private member or a corporate member. 

Pick the type of account you wish to create and fill out the blanked spaces, so far easy, right?

After filling out all the blanks, confirm you are not a robot. After that read “the terms and conditions of the platform” and then accept them.

Congratulations! You are a member!

 Thank you for registering on envestio

After registering they will send you an e-mail. Go ahead, read that and press “Confirm registration”.

How to verify your Envestio account?

Firstly login into your freshly made account, afterwards from the top menu press “Documents”. To upload your documents press “upload documents”.

How to verify your account at Envestio

For the Investor Account verification purposes please provide:

How to verify your Envestio account

Make sure you will have up to date documents and good image quality of the presented documents and photos. 

After you have successfully uploaded your documents and photos, it will usually take up to few days for Envestio to process them, so hang tight!

In the meanwhile you can make a deposit to your account.

How to add funds to your Envestio account?

At the main menu go to “My accounts”. Click on “Add Funds” and then “By Bank payment”.

Envestio how to add money to your account

You then will be shown an instruction on how to make a bank deposit to your Envestio account.

How to invest at Envestio?

Once you have deposited funds to your Envestio account. You can start investing in different projects, which are shown under the “Projects”.

Active projects

Under the “Projects” you can see all the active, funded and completed projects. All funded projects have yellow “FUNDED” tags and all completed projects have blue “COMPLETED” tag.

Does Envestio have an autoinvest tool?

Yes! (Finally)
On july 25th 2019 Envestio introduced the Autoinvest function.

Read more about Envestio autoinvest and how to set it up – https://financefreedom.eu/envestio-autoinvest-function/

Envestio autoinvest

How much can you earn on Envestio?

Envestio offers interest rates above the average when compared to other peer to peer investing/lending platforms. By the time this article was published, the annual average interest rate from projects in Envestio was of 18,51%.

After analyzing projects individually, I confirmed the interest rates are from 12% to 22%, which is slightly above average.

Envestio Pros:

  • Above the average earning for crowd investing platforms,
  • Diversified projects to invest,
  • Open to investors worldwide.

Envestio Cons

  • No Auto Invest tool as of 2019,
  • Relatively low number of projects.

Envestio in numbers as of 18.07.2019:

Total funds invested: 20 079 277€
Registered investors: 8023
Average interest rate: 18,51%
Paid out interest: 1 261 539€

Envestio Review: Conclusion

Envestio is a decent crowd investing platform, which has projects with an above average interest rates.
If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, you should definitely look into Envestio. Their projects vary from side to side, which is a good thing.

Also their user interface is relatively easy to use and communication with the Envestio team is quick. The only downside in my opinion is that there are not so many projects to invest in and the lacking of auto investing tool.

Hopefully the Envestio’s team will soon make the auto investing tool and find more projects to invest in.

This concludes my Envestio review.

My investment account

So far I deposited a total of 500€ to my company’s Envestio account.
I have diversified all of the money into 6 different loans.

Check out my Envestio portfolio here – https://financefreedom.eu/envestio-portfolio/

Where else to invest?

For those looking for other similar peer to peer platforms to invest, you may want to read some of my other reviews. There are many peer to peer lending and investing platforms currently available, and you can diversify your interest income by using several of them simultaneously, just like I do.

You can consider some other peer to peer companies checking my Mintos review, Crowdestate review and Estateguru review.


Your own thoughts

Have you invested with Envestio? Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions? Please share your experience and thoughts in the comment section below.

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