Portfolio update June 2019

Hello and welcome, here is my portfolio update June 2019.

A lot happened in June.

Mintos came out with a new product called Mintos Invest & Access.
UpSteam had a new app developed, expanded to a new market and also came out with a new lines of products.
Big news from Estateguru and I invested into La Muu Syndicate.

(Read the next sentence with the voice just like in the good ol’ TopShop ads)
But wait, there’s more! 

Also, a great month for the blog. Plus, I managed to earn a record breaking passive income. Of which almost two-thirds were interests received from investing in different P2P platforms, real estate projects, B2P loans, syndicates and so on. And the other one-thirds were 134,46€ euros of income from blog referrals and affiliate comissions. 

Enough of words, let’s talk in numbers!

Private account interests received:

Private accountInfoIncomeInvestedValue
Omaraha4,88€ (+9,42%)200,00€282,89€
Bondora0€ (0%)0€Exited with a loss of 65,57€
Twino.eu0,96€ (-17,24%)100,00€132,74€
Estateguru0,0€ (0%)100,00€111,82€
Loss from selling defaults4,39€
Total interests from private accounts1,45€400€527,45€

Company interests received:

Company investing portfolio has been running on full throttle for the time and you can see it in the numbers.

Companies accountsInfoIncomeInvestedValue
Mintos55,09€ (-0,83%)5000€5899,55€
Envestio7,05€ (-16,22%)500€533,36€
Omaraha82,41€ (+1,12%)4500€4801,73€ (withdrawn 1350,26€)
Estateguru10,23€ (+91,93%)1000€1089,44€
Crowdestate1,95€ (-81,52%)500€524,28€
B2P loans51,68€ (+5%)7770€8340,78€
Twino #2L1,39€ (-35,35%)1000€200,14€ (withdrawn 984,91€)
Twino #1M0,91€ (-30,53%)1000€127,52€ (withdrawn 980,72€)
Property #116,05€1900€2493,85€
Property #2.115,22€2000€2395,72€
Property #2.212,18€1600€1916,68€
UpSteam syndicate
Tanker syndicate
Bikeep syndicate
Loss from selling defaults-16,89€
Total interests from companies accounts237,27€ (+11,26%)28110€29920,05€

Total amount of interests received 238,72€! (+10,58%)

Other incomes    
Referral program (blog)   94,63€
Affiliate commission   39,83€
Total   134,46€


My feedback to the returns

In June I invested 433,29€ into La Muu Syndicate and another 370€ to a B2P loan.
The exit from Twino is still continuing, not a lot more to go, about ~327€.

The passive income made a decent raise and I hope the trend continues!

My total passive income from investments from January 2018 to June 2019:

financefreedom.eu total passive income from investments june 2019


I have a total of 5000 euros invested in Mintos and the platform generated me a total of 55,09€ of interests. Once again so close to the overall interest income record from Mintos, yet so far.

Also in the beginning of June, Mintos announced their new “product” called Mintos Invest & Access. 

Mintos Invest&Access is a similar product to Bondora’s Go & Grow, except Mintos Invest and Access offers returns up to 12% instead of Bondora’s 6,75%.

In my opinion the Mintos Invest&Access is a great new product and suits perfectly to investors, who are new to P2P lending.

At this time more than 85% of Mintos investors are using auto invest, including me. So the next logical step for Mintos was to make a fully automated and diversified investment product which is exactly what Mintos Invest&Access is.

Read more about Mintos Invest & Access – https://financefreedom.eu/mintos-invest-and-access/

Mintos income in euros june 2019

Click here for Mintos reviewMintos portfolio

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In June I earned a total of 7,05€ of interest in Envestio.

Envestio income in euros june 2019

Nothing much to add, except the fact that Envestio had 0, nada, null, zero projects published. Pretty weird right? But there is a reason behind it!

Adolf from Facebook group “P2P Investment Fellows” asked Envestio, what’s going on and received an email displayed below. Let’s hope everything is just fine and Envestio will keep publishing those sweet high interest projects.

Envestio had 0 projects published in June 2019

Envestio reviewEnvestio portfolio

Sign up to Envestio through my referral link, you will get a 5€ bonus when you deposit at least 100€. In addition, you will also get a 0,5% cash back on all your investments the first 270 days. That’s 9 full months!


Big news from Estateguru.

First, they announced that they have a new feature – Account Statement!
The document is a good opportunity accounting wise to get a confirmed overview of your account’s available funds, invested funds and principal outstanding at a certain point of time. The new feature can be found from the website account balance -> reports -> account statement.

Secondly, on June 4th Estateguru announced that they have reached an important milestone for EstateGuru, they will be backed by Speedinvest, a pan-European Fintech VC that is targeting Fintech investments across Europe.

Lastly, more great news from Estateguru. On June 17th, Estateguru said that they are proud and excited to announce that they have integrated Trustly, which will make deposits from your account faster and easier than ever before.

My Estateguru accounts interests income in June 2019: 10,23€.


Estateguru accounts interests income june 2019

Estateguru reviewEstateguru portfolio

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Just another classic month at Crowdestate – real estate crowdfunding platform. Eearned a hefty 1.95€ of interest.
One month it spikes, another one like this year’s June, it fades. Hopefully July will be great! 

Crowdestate income in euros june 2019

Crowdestate portfolio

B2P loans

Nothing much to add, the business to peers loan have been going well and the interests keep on coming!

B2P loans interest income in euros june 2019


Apartment #1 Income 16,05€. So far no problems with the apartment nor the rent payments. Overall a superb tenant!

Private real-estate As I mentioned, in November I sold the private real-estate apartment. Will write about this transaction in the near future.

Apartment #2 In March 2017, me and my fellow business partners bought one more apartment, which is located at the capital of Estonia, Tallinn. I have a total of 3600 euros invested in the apartment, which is generating me 27,40€ per month.

The apartment #2 is for sale now. Only a few potential buyers contaced us, mainly due to the reason the price is incredibly high. But oh well, if you won’t ask, they will not definitely give it to you. We will be lowering the price steadily until it is sold.

Real-estate rent income in euros june 2019


In June 2018, I decided to exit from Bondora. It was the first platform I started investing in with just 10.1€ being the first deposit. Crazy right? It has served me well, even though I made lots of rookie mistakes, I am exiting with positive vibes. Farewell Bondora!

Exited from Bondora with a loss of 65,57€!

Bondora income in euros june 2019

Bondora reviewBondora portfolio


Omaraha’s company account interests 82,41€ and loss from sold loans 16,89€. Which means the profit was 65,52€.

Under private account there was a total of 4,88€ of profit and 4,39€ loss from sold loans, which means a total of 66,01€ of profit from Omaraha.

Total profit from Omaraha june 2019

Omaraha portfolio


By the end of June, I have a little over 327€ of investments left on my Twino accounts. As I’ve mentioned before, I will exit with my companies accounts, but will still be investing with my private account. So you should be expecting the Twino income to drop down close to 1€ a month.

Total profit from twino, june 2019

Twino reviewTwino portfolio

UpSteam Syndicate

In October, I made a small investment of 340€ at Funderbeam into the company called UpSteam. As of June 2019, my shares are worth 612€.

UpSteam is constantly developing. They came out with 2 new products lines, Express and Premium. 
Also they launched their mobile app on 1st of July. If you live in Estonia or Finland, I recommend you to try out UpSteam!

. upsteam app in your phone

And on 3rd July, they published their Q2 2019 report – New APP. New product. New market.

Check the Q2 2019 report here – https://www.funderbeam.com/company/upsteam/update/30803

Read more about UpSteam – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/upsteam

UpSteam syndicate worth june 2019

Tanker Brewery Syndicate

In September 2018, I made a small investment of 500€ at Funderbeam into the company called Tanker Brewery. In June my shares were worth 490€. I hope that the new brewery will up the numbers a lot. Read more at https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/tanker-brewery

Tanker syndicate net worth june 2019

Bikeep Syndicate

In March 2019, I invested 500€ into Bikeep through Funderbeam. Read more about Bikeep – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/bikeep/

Bikeep syndicate worth june 2019

La Muu Syndicate

In the beginning of June I invested 433,29€ into La Muu through Funderbeam. Read more about La Muu – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/lamuu

La muu syndicate, invested 433,29€



21,28€ of loss at the P2P site Omaraha. Half as less as it was in May. I sincerely hope that May will never happen again.

Omaraha total loss, june 2019

Blog income

I decided to put the blog income and affiliate comissions into the same graph, hence the numbers are a bit bigger now. In June, the blog and affiliate comissions generated a staggering 134,46€ of income on its own. My blog’s main reason is to log my own investments and share/receive information with all of my readers. Let’s keep this symbiosis going and grow it even further!

Blog income in euros june 2019

Blog statistics

Record breaking June!
A total of 2206 (+100,18%) visitors visited my blog and had a total of 4807 (+102,06%) page views.

financefreedom.eu june 2019 blog statistics

Google Analytics stats about the blog

In June 2019, I had a total of 414 keywords shown at Google. Recorded a total of 242 clicks and 11 458 impressions, which calculates to a 2,11% CTR.

UPDATE! PROBLEM SOLVED: A question to the IT-guys.

Why does my Google Analytic page show me % of total? Which one is the correct number for me to use/display?

can somebody explain this please

An IT guru (SEO specialist and analytic from Finland) and a gentleman named Jem contacted me. He shed some light on the topic on why am I seeing such numbers.

The solution, as of now, is clear and obvious. I had my Google Analytics statistics set up to show “Google search: Top 1000 daily landing pages”, which it clearly did.
The clicks and impressions recorded in the bold and covered by the red circles are the numbers straight from Google and regular grey text is overall statistics about the website. In the end, I was looking at correct numbers, just didn’t understand why it showed the % of total to me and where those numbers came from.

Thank you, Jem!

Anyways, the average position of keywords keeps on dropping (which is a good thing) and now is at 18 (was 20). The main goal is to have loads of important keywords at the front page (top 10) or even top 3. If I keep the SEO clean and Google keeps on ranking my keywords, it will definitely help a lot to get traffic to the blog.

This is it, the end of June’s update!

I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s update.
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If you have any thoughts about the blog please share them with me and other blog readers.

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