3 reasons why to invest in Estateguru

What is Estateguru?

Estateguru is an Estonian online peer-to-peer (P2P) debt funding platform. Estateguru is a place where property developers and entrepreneurs can borrow funds from abroad international investor base and investors can invest in secured property loans. Currently, the borrowers and properties are in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania whereas investors come from 45 countries.

I want to invite you to take a look at Estateguru’s platform and start your journey to financial freedom!

Here are a few reasons why to consider EstateGuru for high returns on short-term investments:

1. High returns on secured loans

Estateguru‘s historical return on investment of 12.2% represents great value and unlike most other short-term loan products they secure all loans against the property itself which brings an added element of security. Add to this the historical reliability of real estate investment and you get total peace of mind.

estateguru historical return rate

2. Short-term results

With EstateGuru you don’t have to wait years or decades to see the returns on your investment which means it is the perfect way to turn a profit quickly. Furthermore, Estateguru also allows you to invest in multiple countries, helping to geographically diversify your portfolio.

Furthermore, Estateguru offers investors the opportunity to access a large number of different real estate investments. The minimum investment in a loan is EUR 50, allowing for the creation of a very diversified loan portfolio. All EstateGuru loans are secured by mortgage.

And to top it off, Estateguru developed a new feature called diversification model. It calculates and illustrates the diversification level of the investment portfolio of an individual investor.

what is DIVERSIFICATION LEVEL estateguru explanation

For it’s calculations the diversification model uses 8 different factors: Loan type, interest, loan amount, property value, loan period, property type, location and schedule type.

All these factors have several different components (different types, intervals, etc.), which in some cases may be negatively linked to each other – e.g. If one component increases, the other decreases (the rate of return also changes). A general example of this is the return on the portfolio depending on the business sector (e.g. The fuel manufacturer versus the logistics company) — When the price of fuel grows, the value of the fuel maker rises and the value of the logistics company declines, and vice versa.

Based on this data, the percentage of portfolio returns is calculated according to a combination of all the factors mentioned above (according to the number of investments and the amount invested). Estateguru has added expected returns to the portfolio (based on EstateGuru’s internal algorithms and models) and the level of dispersal of each factor in the portfolio is calculated in rates from the expected percentage of return calculated using the difference’s algorithms. The scores of each factor are merged and the average is calculated, which expresses the average of the total portfolio. In addition, the graph illustrates the portfolio’s diversification.

3. Total control, total transparency

With EstateGuru you can be as engaged as you want to be in your own investment portfolio. Whether you want to manage every aspect of your portfolio or let Estateguru’s industry-leading Auto Invest feature take care of the admin, the choice is yours. Regardless of how you do it, you can see every detail of every investment during every step of the way.

Also, in October 2019 Estateguru released a feature called Secondary market, which provides an option for extra liquidity and an early exit.

Estateguru secondary market

There are multiple open investment opportunities which represent the perfect way to kickstart your portfolio in EstateGuru.

So what is your reason for not investing at Estateguru?

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You can read about my Estateguru review here: https://financefreedom.eu/estateguru-review/

And you can find my portfolio here: https://financefreedom.eu/estateguru-portfolio/

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Therefore, are you considering Estateguru, although still have questions? Go ahead and post your questions or concerns in the comment section below!

Or if you’re already investing at Estateguru, what are your thoughts about the platform?

Full disclosure

I am not a professional money manager, nor am I a financial planner. I don’t pretend to be, nor would I want you to think that I am. While I do feel confident in my understanding of personal finance, you should always seek professional advice for any of your financial-related needs. I’m not associated with any of the investment platforms I use. Everything I write about are purely my ideas and thoughts.



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