Top 10 investment mistakes you should avoid

Top investment mistakes you should avoid

Investment is a lucrative option as you can earn is quite a considerable amount of wealth. The leverage in the investment market is quite high and you can reap major profits. However, the investment market is fraught with uncertainties. Hence you should be careful while making investments.

You shouldn’t make a single mistake while investing money as it can lead to the serious loss. Thus, you should be aware of some crucial investment mistakes.

Here are the top 10 mistakes that you should avoid while investing your hard-earned money.

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When and how I started investing

A glimpse of me before I started investing

At the year 2012 I finished gymnasium/high school. Got into the university I applied for, but had to take an academic leave to join the mandatory military service – the Estonian Defense Forces.
Where I served 8 months as a pioneer. Serving at the Defence Forces really widened my worldview, I met all kinds of different people, made new friends and followed butloads of orders, nonethelless I gained enormous amounts of experience.  By the time I finished my service, I had just celebrated my 20th birthday and I was ready to conquer the world! Continue reading “When and how I started investing”