Mintos, a leader in Europe, is aiming for the global throne

Once again, there is reason to write about Latvia’s huge crowdfunding portal Mintos, which seems to enjoy its explosive growth and wants to let everyone know at any moment. In fact, Mintos once again sent a presentation to bloggers and collaborators highlighting various statistics on how they claim to have become Europe’s largest P2P platform.

According to the Latvian portal, the world’s P2P lending market was 26.16 billion USD in 2015, but growth is projected to reach 897.85 billion USD by 2024. If this vision were to come true, the annual growth would be 48.2% in 2016-24.

In the ranking, the portal is clearly at the forefront of loan volumes in Europe when 1.856 billion euros have been issued over the last 12 months. Second in the ranks is Auxmoney, from Germany, with €462 million and from there comes Younited credit (€270 million), Twino (€216 million) and Fellow Finance (€188 million).

If the Great Britain’s portals are included in the same ranking and 12 months as a time limit, the giants there will also be significantly below Mintos (£908 million, or about €995 million) and RateSetter (£808 million, or €886 million). By comparison, in the USA, one portal has managed to show a whole different mast numbers when the volumes of LendingClub have been $8.485 billion over the year. But Prosper, with his $2.3 billion, or ca 2.06 billion, is no longer far from the numbers of Mintos.

leadership in numbers of investors

Mintos has a powerful frontrunner position in the number of investors, with Mintos charting 160,000 registered users from 75 countries, exactly twice the size of the UK’s Funding Circle, for example. The Estonian rankings Bondora, Crowdestate and Estateguru are also ranked here. For some of the aforementioned volumes, the largest portals in the UK and the US are not listed here.

On one slide, Mintos tries to compare the average annual yield calculated by itself to 11.76 percent of deposits, shares and real estate. However, there is no indication on the graph of how any numbers were obtained, so there is no point in presenting them here.

Aside from the nice promotional text on the rest of the slides, the fact that in 2014 the Mintos team was 4 people and by the end of 2019 it will be about 190 people is an interesting statistic of the company’s growth. In addition to Riga,

Mintos has offices in Vilnius, Berlin, Warsaw and Mexico City today.

This article was translated from Estonian to English.
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