Portfolio update April 2017


You know what time it is! Yes, another monthly update.

In April me and my business partners bought a second apartment, which is already generating us extra interests.

Enough of words, let’s talk in numbers!

Private account interests received:

Bondora.com 4,14€
Twino.eu 0,83€
Omaraha.ee 2,80€

Interests received from private P2P in April 2017 = 7,77€.

No withdrawals nor deposists were made to/from the private accounts at April.

Company interests received:

As I mentioned beforehand, I wanted to earn higher ROI and started investing at different P2P platforms in the beginning of the year.

Platform Income Invested Value
Omaraha.ee 20,19€ 2500€ 2339,18€
Twino.eu 4,32€ 500€ 513,01€
24,51€ 3000€ 2852,19€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1
Property #2
Company total interests 67,96€ 8500€ 8556,14€

Total amount of interests received 75,73€

My comments to the returns

Earned a total of 75,73€ in April with my private and company’s accounts.

Property #1

No problems with the apartment nor the rent payments.
Overall a superb tenant!

Property #2

In March me and my fellow business partners bought one more apartment, which is located at the capital of Estonia, Tallinn.
As the month has passed, we already have a tenant in and is paying rent.
Our plan is to let it generate rent revenue and later in the future sell it. I will be posting a longer article about the apartment soon.

So far my 3600€ investment in the property #2 is generating me a total of 27,40€ income per month. Also, when we sell the apartment in the future, I will be receiving my percentage from the sale. So that’s a big bonus, because the property prices are always continuously climbing.


In March, I invested an extra 1500 euros to my Omaraha account and now I am waiting pantienly on receiving extra interests.

I have my investment terms set to 5 year loans, with a score from 901-1000 rating and the maximum amount at 10€ per loan.

The money has been steadily going out and by the end of April, I had over 2330 euros invested. Portfolio balance 2339,18€, but still over 160 euros on the account, waiting to be invested, which means more interests in the future!


Loans went out pretty quickly and that sweet 500€ is generating me more passive income!


This concludes the Portfolio update of April!

How did your month go? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the blog with me and the blog readers.

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