Here is my December 2016 portfolio update.

As I mentioned in November, I deposited 150€ to my private Omaraha.ee account. Thus it will be generating me more interests in the near future.

Private account interests received:

Bondora.com 5,45€
Twino.eu 0,52€
Omaraha.ee 2,59€

Interests received from private P2P in December 2016 = 8,56€.

Company interests:

In May I bought my first real-estate and started renting it out, read more about it here – https://financefreedom.eu/portfolio-update-may-2016/

Property #1 – My small stake at the newly acquired apartment generates me 16,29€ of income per month! (You gotta start somewhere!)
Property #2 – COMING SOON!

Total amount of interests received 24,85€!

This concludes the Portfolio update of December 2016!