I will start off this month’s portfolio update by saying that I got my Twino auto-invest system fixed! From now on, I don’t have to check my available cash on the account all the time. So it is wroking properly again!

Also I made my first investment at at an amount of 50€, under my private account. So in August there should be interests incoming!

Private account interests received: 4,44€ 0,55€

Amount of interests received from P2P in July 2016 = 4,99€

Company interests:

In May I bought my first real-estate and started renting it out, read more about it here –

My small stake at the newly acquired apartment generates me 16,29€ of income per month! (You gotta start somewhere!)

Total amount of interests received 21,28€!

This concludes the Portfolio update July 2016!