Portfolio update October 2020

Hello and welcome, here is my investment portfolio update for October 2020.

Let’s dive right into it.

Monthly interest incomes: October 2020

Private accountInfoIncomeValue
Omaraha4,53€ 330,84€
Bondora0€ (0%)Exited with a loss of 65,57€
Twino.eu1,22€ 150,43€
Estateguru0€ 129,52€
Loss from defaults-7,58€
Companies accountsInfoIncomeValue
Mintos20,37€ 1994,74€ (withdrawn 4075,01€)
Omaraha91,49€ 5656,85€ (withdrawn 1350,26€)
Estateguru5,78€ 1212,02€
Crowdestate1,33€ 567,96€
B2P loans91,04€ 15402,22€
Twino #2L0,00€0€ (withdrawn 1186,73€)
Twino #1M0,00€ 0€ (withdrawn 1109,19€)
Reinvest240,61€ 106,11€
Property #116,05€2751€
UpSteam syndicate 1
UpSteam syndicate 2849,63€
Tanker syndicate
Bikeep syndicate
La Muu syndicate351€
Ampler Bikes 3 syndicate1644,3€
Barking syndicate670€
Envestio0€ 0€
Loss from defaults-40,72€
Total185,95€ 32 850,43€

Total amount of passive income in October 2020: 184,12€!

Other incomes/side hustles:

Referral program (blog) 45,54€
Affiliate commission (Bonusway) 0€
E-shop profit 337,9€
Total 383,44€

Let’s dive deeper into the numbers

My total passive income from investments since October 2018 to October 2020:

Total passive income from investments financefreedom.eu blog october 2020 update


My Mintos portfolio is now at 1994,74€ and in October it generated me 20,37€ of interests.

Mintos income in euros october 2020

Click here for Mintos review – Mintos portfolio

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My Estateguru accounts interests income in October 2020: 5,78€.

Estateguru accounts interests income in euros october 2020

Estateguru review – Estateguru portfolio


Crowdestate income in October was 1.33€.

Crowdestate income in euros october 2020

Crowdestate portfolio

B2P loans

Nothing much to add, the business to peers loan have been going well and the interests keep on coming!

B2P loans interest income in euros october 2020


Apartment #2 is SOLD, selling date was in the middle of September 2019.

Total investment 37 450€.

Property #2 sold for a price 41 300€ – cost = 40738€.

Apartment sold for 40 738€.

My initial investment 3600€. In the end got back 4654€.

My profit from investing 3600€ was 1054€.

Read more about the figures here – https://financefreedom.eu/second-property/

Apartment #1 Income 16,05€. So far no problems with the apartment nor the rent payments. Overall a superb tenant!

Private real-estate Sold the private real-estate apartment.


Real-estate rent income in euros october 2020


In June 2018, I decided to exit from Bondora. A year has gone by and I don’t even miss Bondora! It was the first platform I started investing in with just 10.1€ being the first deposit. Crazy right? It has served me well, even though I made lots of rookie mistakes, I am exiting with positive vibes. Farewell Bondora!

Exited from Bondora with a loss of 65,57€!

I do not recommend investing at Bondora, but if you still want to, be sure to read my Bondora review first!

Bondora income in april 2020

Bondora review – Bondora portfolio


Total profit from Omaraha accounts were 47,72€.

Total profit from Omaraha october 2020

Omaraha portfolio


As mentioned in the December portfolio update. The EXIT from TWINO has been succesfull!
I have exited from TWINO with my 2 company accounts, which both had a total of 1000 euros invested over 3 years.

Company L account started investing at Twino on 23rd January 2017 and had a successfull exit at 8th December 2019.

L account exited with a total profit of 186,73€. 

Company M account started investing at Twino on 17th January 2018 and had a successfulll exit at 8th December 2019.

M account total profit 109,19€.

My private account is still generating interest, which was 1,24€ in October.

Twino income in euros october 2020

Twino review – Twino portfolio


Seventh month investing at Reinvest24 and received a payment to my investing account.
Received 0.61€ of dividends.

Reinvest24 interest income in euros october 2020


As we all know, Kuetzal announced it’s shutting down on January 12th 2020. But just few days later on January 16th 2020, Envestio sent out a press release about “Envestio reacts to Kuetzal panic”. And as we again all already know, all of that was just BS. Envestio is also down and a scam just like Kuetzal was.

Envestio reacts to Kuetzal panic


Is Envestio a scam? – Will another P2P platform bite the dust? – https://financefreedom.eu/is-envestio-a-scam-another-one-bites-the-dust/

My Envestio “interest income” in euros

As most or maybe even all of the projects at Envestio might’ve been fake, I don’t think that it’s wise for me to even consider “interest income” from the previous projects and just write off my initial investment of 500€.

Envestio income in euros january 2020

Envestio review – Envestio portfolio

UpSteam Syndicate 1

In October 2018, I made a small investment of 340€ at Funderbeam into the company called UpSteam. As of October 2020, my shares are worth 744,6€.

Read more about UpSteam – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/upsteam

UpSteam 1 syndicate october 2020

UpSteam Syndicate 2

On 28th November 2019 UpSteam announced that they are working on a new fundraising campaign. The campaign was launched in the first half of December.

I received my 381 shares on 2nd January 2020, total amount invested 1264,92€ and are now worth 849,63€.

Read more about UpSteam Syndicate 2 – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/upsteam-2/

UpSteam syndicate 2 october 2020

Tanker Brewery Syndicate

In 17th October 2019 Tanker announced that they are preparing for another capital raise on Funderbeam. The new syndicate can be seen here – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/tanker-brewery-2

I decided not to invest into the new campaign.

In September 2018, I made a small investment of 500€ at Funderbeam into the company called Tanker Brewery.
In October 2020 my shares were worth 375€.

Read more at https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/tanker-brewery

Tanker syndicate october 2020

Bikeep Syndicate

In March 2019, I invested 500€ into Bikeep through Funderbeam.

As of the end of October the investment was worth 525€.

Read more about Bikeep – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/bikeep/

Bikeep syndicate october 2020

Ampler Bikes 3 Syndicate

In 2019 August, I invested 1357,02€ into Ampler Bikes 3 Syndicate.

By the end of October my investment was worth 1644,3€.

Read more about Ampler Bikes 3 – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/ampler-bikes3 Ampler 3 syndicate october 2020

La Muu Syndicate

At the end of October my La Muu investment was worth 351€.

Read more about La Muu – https://www.funderbeam.com/syndicate/lamuu La Muu syndicate october 2020


Loss from Omaraha sold 48,3€.

Omaraha, total loss in euros october 2020

Side hustles

#1 Blog income: TargetCircle/CircleWise and Bonusway

In June I decided to put the blog income from affiliate/referral system and other side hustles incoome into the same graph, hence the numbers are a bit bigger now. This is the part where it gets interesting.

In October the blog and referral comissions generated 45,54€;
Other side hustles generated: 337,9€;
Total income from side hustles: 383,44€.Blog and side hustle income in euros october 2020

More detailed payout from TargetCircle/CircleWise:

Targetcircle referral income october 2020

I display two different incomes under the blog income. One is referral income from TargetCircle and the other one is affiliate income from Bonusway. Bonusway – I use it to save money while e-shopping or booking ONLINE. Read more at https://financefreedom.eu/save-money-when-e-shopping-or-booking-online/ A really simple way to save up money, especially on housing and from them random orders on AliExpress … (You know what I mean, we’ve all done it!) Considering this blog is mostly dedicated to finance and logging my pursuit on becoming financially free, the TargetCircle referral links usually earn me a lot more than Bonusway affiliate links or any other side hustle income.

#2 E-shop income

No wholesale orders in October but still managed to rake up a decent revenue of 951,03€.

A mediocre month for the e-shop, especially including that I am not running ads nor anything to promote my business. Just a few blog posts and few Facebook posts per week. I am doing my own SEO, so the only cost to run this e-shop is hosting, which is quite cheap.

October’s total revenue: 951,03€.

Shipping costs: 67,00€.

Total profit from sales: 337,90€.

E-shop sales in October:

E-shop side hustle revenue october 2020

#3 Niche Site nr.1 report

On 22nd April I started my first niche site.

Here is an update on the niche site I’ve been building for the last several months.
Stats so far.
First month (April):
Total of 0 clicks and 2 impressions, average position: 34.
Posts published: 7.
Second month (May):
Total of 0 clicks and 11 impressions, average position: 59.5.
Posts published: 5
3rd month (June):
Total of 0 clicks and 8 impressions, average position: 28.4.
Posts published: 0
4th month (July):
Total of 0 clicks and 25 impressions, average position: 32.5.
Posts published: 1
5th month (August):
Total of 0 clicks and 167 impressions, average position: 58.7.
Posts published: 3
6th month (September):
Total 3 clicks and 447 impressions, average position: 48.4.
Posts published: 2
7th month (September):
Total 7 clicks and 634 impressions, average position: 42.8.
Posts published: 1
Total of 19 posts and 16 100 words.
So far I’ve recorded 10 clicks from organic search (Google) and my posts/pages are getting impressions and ranking higher every day. The clicks are coming in slowly, but surely.
I will keep on producing content and soon the clicks will be pouring in!
Google Search Console statistics of the niche site, October 2020:

Niche site nr1 report october 2020

Niche site Amazon earnings report for October 2020:

As I made 0 sales throughout the first months, my Amazon affiliate account was shut down, but I reapplied and got approved.

#4 Siteground income

Sadly, still no sales from Siteground, but I will keep on grinding.

Want to start your own blog?

I have 3 websites that I own which are hosted by Siteground and I am truly happy with the service!

Have you been thinking about starting your own blog?

Use Siteground to start your own website or blog for just a 5,99€ a month!

Siteground banner 728x90


#5 Revolut income

Same info goes to Revolut, it might’ve not generated any sales, but I know it will in the future! Had 4 clicks on the referral link.Revolut affiliate report october 2020


Get your free Revolut VISA card now!

Use Revolut to deposit to your accounts.

Zero fees!

Blog stats for October 2020

A total of 1876 visitors visited my blog and had a total of 3641 views.

The viewership is up by 2x, which is a good sign.

Financefreedom.eu blog stats and insights

Google Analytics queries/keywords stats about the blog

In October 2020, I showed up at 963 Google search queries. Recorded a total of 294 clicks and 25 644 impressions, which calculates to a 1.15% CTR.

Special thank you note

I would like to than Rahajutud at https://rahajutud.ee/. Rahajutud (Moneytalks) is basically the centerpoint of every Estonian financial blog. They publish financial articles and bloggers blog posts daily. I regularly translate my blog posts into Estonian and they gladly publish my monthly updates on their site, which always gives me big boost to my blog stats.

This is it, the end of Portfolio update October 2020!

I hope you enjoyed reading this month’s update. Be sure to subscribe for faster updates and leave a comment on how did your month go?

If you have any thoughts about the blog please share them with me and other blog readers.

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