Portfolio update February 2017


It’s the middle of the winter, which in Estonia means darkness, constant double digit minus degrees and loads of snow! Eventhough the days are getting longer day by day, it’s still really cold outside. But this doesn’t stop me from earning interests and making my way to becoming financially free!

At the beginning of this year, I thought to myself that I am earning decent ROI with the apartment, but at Peer 2 Peer lending platforms, the interests rates can go up to 20 or more percents a year!

Therefore, I decided to start investing with my company.
I sent funds to my Omaraha.ee and Twino.eu accounts, both 500€ each.

Last month I briefly talked about the cost of electricity and how Estonians could save enormous amounts of money by choosing different electricity packages.
Read my last month’s blog post  here – https://financefreedom.eu/portfolio-update-january-2017/

Electricity bills usually pack a big punch into the monthly budget, therefore I recommend to consume electricity efficiently or use clever ways to consume less.

If you want to start investing and become financially free,  one of the things you need is extra money.
There are 2 easy ways to generate or save money. One is by consuming less or more efficiently and the second one is to increase your income!

It’s easy as that. You are the master of your fate.

Enough of words, let’s talk in numbers!

Private account interests received:

Bondora.com 4,50€
Twino.eu 0,88€
Omaraha.ee 3,45€

Interests received from private P2P in February 2017 = 8,83€.

No withdrawals nor deposists were made to/from the private accounts at February.

Company interests received:

As I mentioned beforehand, I wanted to earn higher ROI and started investing at different P2P platforms in the beginning of the year.

Platform Income Invested Value
Omaraha.ee 3,31€ 1000€ 1003,31€
Twino.eu 4,49€ 500€ 504,78€
7,80€ 1500€ 1508,09€
Real Estate Income Invested Value
Property #1 16,05€ 1900€ 2044,45€
Company total interests 23,85€ 3400€ 3552,54€

Total amount of interests received 32,68€

My comments to the returns

Earned a total of 32,68€ in Feburary with my private and company’s accounts.


First of all the #1 property is doing it’s regular thing, money is returning steadily and surely.

Property #2 – COMING SOON!


As you can see on the picture below, I invested another 500 euros to my Omaraha account and now it has a total of 1000 euros invested.

I have my investment terms set to 5 year loans, with a score from 901-1000 rating and the maximum amount at 10€ per loan.

The money has been steadily going out and by the end of February, I had over 700 euros of 1000 euros invested. This means, that there will be a pretty big leap in interests received in the near future!


Loans went out pretty quickly and that sweet 500€, that I invested at January is already generating me interests!

This concludes the Portfolio update of February!

How did your month go? Leave a comment and share your thoughts about the blog with me and the blog readers.

I am thinking of adding all investments under one graphic, it looks kinda weird right now, as private and company’s interests/investments are seperated.

What do you guys think?

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Hi! My name is Lukas, I am in my mid 20’s and I am an engineer from Estonia. I started investing at 2014, so I have been investing for over 6 years. In addition, I was 20 years old, when I started my first company and just 21 years of age, when I made my first investments. I was hooked instantly! In this blog I will be documenting my journey towards financial freedom.

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